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Tabooley Tabooley
Submitted by: Admin on 06/27/2007 2984 views
2.41 avg rating
506 votes
Tabooley is a very refreshing salad that is nutritious, too. It is very quick, easy to prepare and improves on standing.
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Whole Wheat Pasta Salad Whole Wheat Pasta Salad
Submitted by: Admin on 06/27/2007 2577 views
2.57 avg rating
552 votes
Whole wheat pasta is available in health food stores across the country and in the natural foods sections of many supermarkets.
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Tuna-Lima Bean Salad Tuna-Lima Bean Salad
Submitted by: Admin on 06/27/2007 2693 views
2.46 avg rating
499 votes
Tips: This salad is best when chilled overnight. It can be made 2 to 3 days in advance of serving. If using oil-packed tuna, drain well and rinse in cold water before adding to mixture.
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Cabbage Slaw with Yogurt Dressing Cabbage Slaw with Yogurt Dressing
Submitted by: Admin on 06/27/2007 3062 views
2.36 avg rating
553 votes
This super, quick-to-fix salad has but three main ingredients. It's best made just before serving.
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Cabbage-Bacon Slaw Cabbage-Bacon Slaw
Submitted by: Admin on 06/27/2007 3095 views
2.37 avg rating
540 votes
Colorful and flavorful, a variety of vegetables blend with the flavor of bacon to make a coleslaw with more than ordinary appeal.
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Granny's Frozen Fruit Salad Granny's Frozen Fruit Salad
Submitted by: Admin on 06/27/2007 2433 views
2.40 avg rating
499 votes
An elegant dish for a special occasion is this easy, make-ahead frozen fruit salad.
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Molded Apple Salad Molded Apple Salad
Submitted by: Admin on 06/27/2007 2845 views
2.46 avg rating
533 votes
A light molded salad of diced apples, chopped walnuts and celery, with a fresh cider taste, is served with a mayonnaise dressing on the side. It is a delicious alternative to the usual Waldorf salad.
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Zucchini-Tomato Molds Zucchini-Tomato Molds
Submitted by: Admin on 06/27/2007 3052 views
8.63 avg rating
547 votes
Quick, easy and refreshing in warm weather, these molds are also inexpensive.
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Melon and Turkey Salad Melon and Turkey Salad
Submitted by: Admin on 06/27/2007 3101 views
2.30 avg rating
597 votes
For a light, refreshing luncheon dish, team low-calorie turkey slices with melon, cantaloupe and cherry tomatoes.
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Pear Waldorf Salad Pear Waldorf Salad
Submitted by: Admin on 06/29/2007 2842 views
2.50 avg rating
580 votes
A variation of the classic Waldorf salad, pears add a delicate and juicy quality to this old favorite.
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