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Scalloped Potatoes and Ham Skillet Scalloped Potatoes and Ham Skillet
Submitted by: Admin on 06/26/2007 7217 views
2.49 avg rating
704 votes
This is a lighter version of a popular favorite.
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Ham and Potato Bake Ham and Potato Bake
Submitted by: Admin on 06/26/2007 4981 views
2.55 avg rating
745 votes
This easy and economical casserole is ideal for a family supper. It makes a good recipe to remember when you have leftover baked ham.
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Rice with Ham Rice with Ham
Submitted by: Admin on 06/29/2007 5203 views
2.59 avg rating
808 votes
This version of the classic "risi e bisi" has enough ham and cheese to make it qualify as a main course.
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Herbed Turkey Casserole Herbed Turkey Casserole
Submitted by: Admin on 06/30/2007 4516 views
4.37 avg rating
670 votes
Now that there is the convenience of turkey parts, you can serve turkey to family and guests in a variety of ways instead of reserving it for holiday meals.
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Stuffed Bell Pepper Stuffed Bell Pepper
Submitted by: Admin on 06/30/2007 6087 views
2.50 avg rating
747 votes
Quick to fix - takes one hour to bake.
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Creole Jambalaya Creole Jambalaya
Submitted by: Admin on 06/30/2007 4099 views
2.64 avg rating
746 votes
A favorite one-dish meal of the old South.
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Seven-Layer Casserole Seven-Layer Casserole
Submitted by: Admin on 06/30/2007 4612 views
2.43 avg rating
635 votes
This casserole is a meal in itself and is very filling.
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Southern Chicken Casserole Southern Chicken Casserole
Submitted by: Admin on 08/09/2007 4768 views
2.39 avg rating
669 votes
Although this casserole is cooked in the usual time, the traditional Southern cook might add an extra hour of cooking to produce chicken that "falls off the bone."
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Ham-Broccoli Bake Ham-Broccoli Bake
Submitted by: Admin on 09/13/2007 4513 views
2.60 avg rating
754 votes
A good way to use leftover ham or smoked pork shoulder.
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